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Progress Report No.39

September 6, 2011

Registered Charity  84586 5740 RR0001



Container arrives from Malta


To all our Members and Supporters I would like to point out the significance of the photo above.

The semi-rotund fellow in blue is yours truly, and although it looks like I am pointing out a location for the truck driver to position his rig in late July 2011, at the home of our friends of the Halifax Project - the Canada Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa, I am actually pointing the way to some  very important times and discoveries in the future of Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada)! I will explain at the end of this report after I have given you all the exciting updates.


The container in the above photo has just arrived in Ottawa from the port of Montreal and  holds the rare recovered Hastings-Halifax parts which were discovered in a disused scrapyard in Malta after sitting there for over 35 years. At great expense, effort, and care, with thanks to our friends in Malta – the Malta Historic Vehicle Trust and the Malta Aviation Museum, we have done a great job to bring these parts to you in Canada.


Inside this container are the center-section cores of 2 Halifax bomber projects, for the wings of a Handley Page Hastings are modified Halifax wings and if you found a Hastings wing to rebuild, you have found ” the Beginnings” of a Halifax! 


Not only this but we recovered 2 Bristol Hercules radial engines and all 4 main landing gears for a Hastings which will be invaluable as we BEGIN our Halifax Project. See below as the parts are unloaded in Ottawa.


wing box

landing gear



2 Hercules engines



Another exciting milestone was reached, after consultation with George Rosskopf our Director of Engineering, about the solution to fix the Malta scrapyard damage done to our wing main-spars. Halifax 57 Rescue has had manufactured, from 1943 Halifax blueprints, 2 full sets of NEW-build Halifax bomber center-section wing main spars!


Thanks to the vision and patriotism of the staff of Sprung Instant Structures Ltd., the world leaders in building structures with aluminum beams, our NEW Halifax main-spar beams were made by Sprung and delivered to us at the Bomber Command Museum of Canada on August 16, 2011. This manufacture of NEW main-spars for a British heavy bomber is unprecedented in historic aircraft rebuilds and the warbird world!! See a smiling yours truly below with our 2 full sets of new Halifax

main-spars just after delivery in August.



main spars and friend


I must tell you that it is indeed prophetic that when the Halifax main-spars, engines, and landing gears arrived on August 16, 2011, the day of the new beginning of our Halifax, this was the same day that it was officially announced that the honoured name of a great Canadian military force was reinstated, the ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FORCE ! I am still in awe of the timing of the part’s arrival and announcement of this wonderful name on the same day.


Before we proceed further I would like to address the concerns of those who may be thinking or saying aloud “haven’t these guys forgotten about RCAF Halifax LW170 and their plans for locating and recovering this historic aircraft? Are they getting side-tracked by all these other recoveries and discoveries?”


I can only explain all of these activities by assuring you that LW170 is our ultimate goal, that we had 2 sonar companies hoping to help out this summer IF they were in the location of our Halifax, and that we might have to wait for next summer season to give it another go to locate our RCAF treasure.


BUT if you knew, no matter what happens on the LW170 front, that you would still need to replace a Halifax main spar with another new one, you would still need main landing gear to replace a set corroded by time, and that you would need replacement Bristol Hercules engines to reach your goal of a running Halifax for the Bomber Command Museum of Canada – then you would follow our path in what we are doing now (even if it meant finding Halifax parts from all over the world)!


So follow us now as we pursue ALL of these goals, for we have seen what it takes to get this entire Halifax job done including finding LW170 for the Halifax Project.


So, let us take stock of what we have for our Halifax Project. A picture is worth a thousand words so let us show you how we are showing everyone else the immediate progress and near future for our new Halifax endeavours.


Halifax – acquired and located parts


All the Halifax airframe pieces coloured in red are what we have acquired in the Malta scrapyard or elsewhere. All the airframe pieces coloured in yellow are those that Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada) has located and are in progress to acquire from various locations in the world.


I can tell you now about one of the located yellow sections and that is the starboard outer wing panel which comes from the RAF Museum in England, with Peter Dye as the new Director General (they have been following our determined efforts to bring a Halifax to the Bomber Command Museum of Canada).


The RAF Museum has generously agreed to donating a Hastings-Halifax  starboard outer wing panel they have in store at the RAF Museum at Cosford to our cause. After making this wing panel available in the UK to interested parties, Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada) was the only applicant for such a panel and received news only a few weeks ago that we could acquire this for our Halifax Project. What a great addition to our cause, with thanks not only to Peter Dye but also Ian Thirsk, Andy Simpson at RAF Hendon and also Al McLean at RAF Cosford.


Now we must figure out how to bring this baby back to Canada! No sweat,  for if we can get the start of 2 Halifaxes into a 40 foot container all the way from Malta, then we can do this too! I am working on this and will get back to you on the logistics and costs.


Halifax 57 Rescue was front row and center for the annual Memorial Event at the Bomber Command Museum of Canada on August 19-20. All the new parts from Malta and brand new Halifax main spars were put on display, along with all the other Halifax parts already acquired by the museum.


This display and new beginnings of a Halifax for the Bomber Command Museum were spotlighted by the museum for the media and public with a special ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Halifax Project being performed on August 19, the honoured guests of 408 Squadron - Commanding Officer and crews attending, as we opened up the Halifax exhibit and start of our Halifax Project. See the photo of our new Halifax Project exhibit below.


Halifax Project display


Right main gear, Hercules engine, master diagram, friend + restored Halifax pilot instrument panel, Hercules engine, Left main gear, and Boulton-Paul rear turret just out of view.


Please note the diagram of a Halifax which shows our visitors to the Bomber Command Museum of Canada  all that is in RED colour has been acquired and all that is in YELLOW has been located and is in process to be acquired.


Do not forget, all the wing panels of the center-section and the Left intermediate wing recovered in Malta are now in Ottawa in store at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, awaiting George Rosskopf who lives in Ottawa to begin evaluation and reconstruction of the entire main spar and wing boxes. George was responsible, along with his engineer assistants, for the total rebuild of the main spar and wing of RAF Halifax NA337 which is on display in all its glory at the National Air Force Museum in Trenton, Ontario.





Another great addition to our Halifax project has just been arranged after some diligent bird-dogging by Halifax 57 Rescue. I am not at liberty to give details at this time but certainly I will be able to pass all the information of a wonderful discovery on to all of our members and supporters, just like the Malta and England discoveries we have found in recent months. This discovery is not without financial cost and once again we will have to come up with the equivalent of ($2000-2500 Canadian dollars) just to pay for these items. After Norway, Belgium, and Malta please do not underestimate the efforts of Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada) to come up with the goods you know we are after.


Standby for further announcements within the next 4 weeks on the latest news.


So here we are at that moment in the sermon when the man passing on the message must exhort his listeners and audience to take his message seriously and support the cause. If there have been good results and benefits for all such as your Freedom, when the honourable message of great excellence and even greater sacrifice for that Freedom is placed in front of you, then this would be the time for all to agree to take action to support that message and cause.


So I ask you now, when we are on the verge of a new and great adventure (when we can NOW actually start a Halifax for the Bomber Command Museum of Canada) that you would please help with a healthy donation to our cause. We cannot rebuild the wings without it, we cannot set up a rebuild shop without it, we cannot get all those other Halifax discoveries back to Canada without it!


And who is going to pay for the ($2000-2500) bill for the latest discovery which had just “stopped the presses” while I was writing you this report. Is there one of you out there, besides those chief benefactors who have kept us going during these critical financial times ( like Russell, Clint, and Ross), one of you out there who now finally sees the light and will now help us pay this bill??


 These, my friends, are your methods to financially contribute to the Halifax Project.


1) Donate funds to Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada) via the post – see our 2 addresses available at the end of this report


2) Try our NEW PAYPAL internet payment method for all who have purchased

or contributed online (via your PAYPAL account) to our worthy and honourable charity. Go to our website  www.57rescuecanada.com  and see the golden “DONATE” button which immediately donates these funds to our cause from anywhere in the world (if you have a PAYPAL account!)


3) Donate your unused stocks, bonds, and securities to our Halifax 57 Rescue -

Royal Bank Discount Brokerage account and receive a “full market value” tax receipt credit for the donation of these securities. You will not have to pay income

tax on the profit portion side of this transfer and donation. You receive full tax deductible credit for said donation. It is a win-win for all concerned.


4) Purchase a beautiful limited-edition signed print of our Halifax LW170

“INVINCIBLE ITEM” for ($165.00 including postage) or an unsigned print for ($60.00 including postage). This has to be one of the best prints of a combat Halifax that has ever been produced. We still have half of the 500 signed prints available to all you Halifax fans. See  www.57rescuecanada.com  for all our print info.


Do you see we are serious and a going concern, or would you like to “sit on the fence” a bit longer, and maybe wait until the Halifax is fully constructed before you make your move to support us?


A long time ago, thousands of young men of Bomber Command flew into battle to fight for your Freedom, and only a small number of these young warriors came home while you and your families have had your Freedom for over 65 years!  The very few who still survive, of those survivors of the Bomber Command battles, would surely ask you to remember that sacrifice of their mates and buddies who never got a chance to “…grow old as we that grow old,” and ask you to support our cause to the maximum.


As your project manager I cannot stress enough what a great project this is and what a great tribute this will be, if only you would help us with your donations and support. We have come so far and now we need to really get this party started!


So, the sermon from Halifax is over and I hope you were listening. And I hope you will now make your move towards your wonderful cheque book for this most worthy cause!



And remember,





Karl Kjarsgaard

Project Manager

Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada)

Registered Charity :  84586 5740 RR 0001


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