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Progress Report No.31

November 9, 2009

Registered Charity  84586 5740 RR0001



Greetings to all of our members and supporters during this time of special Remembrance of all of those who have given us our Freedom and sacrificed for all of us so that we might live in peace.


Sometimes others can inspire us when we are at an impasse to pass on a special message to those that are important to us. I would like to pass on specials thanks Reverend Shin at our Nanton United Church for the inspiration of his message to me last Sunday.


Let me begin by quoting Edmund Burke, a wise man of 18th century England, who said:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.


Canada and her people, in her short history, has never been a nation to standby while evil men and regimes triumph. It is in our social and moral conscience that we should help our fellow human beings when their Freedom is at risk. This is an important message even today with the efforts and sacrifice of our military in Afghanistan and we should support and remember them in their essential mission.


How much more so must we remember those of World War I and World War II along with other conflicts whom were fighting for the survival of our entire civilized world. It was an unprecedented time for Canada and her Allies.


And do not think Canada and her warriors were only sacrificial targets in these conflicts for with this effort was excellence, ingenuity, and contribution beyond all proportion to the size of our nation.


I list below just some of the data that supports my statement above:





ü      During World War 2 the country which was documented as No.1 in the world for highest percentage of citizens serving in the military was Canada


ü      1 out of every 4 (25%) of the airmen in the British Royal Air Force (RAF) was a Canadian


ü      Canada also had the 4th largest Air Force (RCAF) in the free world in World War 2


ü      Canada had the 3rd largest navy in the free world in World War 2. 


ü      Canada's bomber squadrons in Allied Bomber Command had the lowest combat loss rate and a very high serviceability rate - 80% (most bombers ready to go each night) of all groups in all of Bomber Command.


ü      Out of 100 RCAF bomber aircrew who started out to their 35 mission combat tour this was their fate in Bomber Command: 

                        12%  killed/injured in training
                        13%  shot down/ POW
                         51% killed-in-action
                         24% finished tour (only 1 out of 4 finished )


ü      One of the greatest loss RATES in 142 years of Canadian military history was experienced by the RCAF in WW2 


ü       The Royal Canadian Navy had 2% of its total forces Killed in Action (KIA) in combat in WW2


ü       The Royal Canadian Army lost 3% of its total forces KIA in combat in WW2


ü      The RCAF lost  6%  of its total forces KIA in combat in WW2


ü      10,000 of the 18,000 RCAF aircrew KIA were on bombers


In light of the special grief experienced by all of Canada due to our losses in Afghanistan we offer this perspective:

    In 5 years in Afghanistan Canada has lost (1) warrior/month

    In 5 years in World War 2 the RCAF lost (250) aircrew warriors/month !



So, if you did not know the above but were still unconvinced as to WHY we must continue to remember those who served and sacrificed in the past, with a view to today and into the future, I give you the testimony from one citizen witness from wartime Germany who gives all of us the exact reason WHY:





 Our military has always served, excelled, and sacrificed. They represent all of us in doing what is right and good. They represent and exemplify what is, deep down, what we really are and what we stand for !




On to Business – Here are the Hali-facts:


Our main goal is to prepare for our sonar survey on the Polar Prince next summer. All of this is on hold while the ship owners drum up new commercial business for the vessel upon which we can piggyback our sonar survey. We and the ship owners have been hard at work to get some charters of federal government and corporate work for the Polar Prince and have had some success.


A Canadian government movement has been launched to find the long lost arctic Franklin Expedition. With all the government icebreakers tasked to the max up north there are very few ships available and capable to do this historic work. Now the officials have “discovered” the Polar Prince and are close to offering a deal to the ship owners to do this next summer.


We are hopeful that the other federal government ministries, who we know have pressing issues to be resolved in our Arctic waters, will be forthcoming after our recent proposals to them, to help with the Polar Prince. Progress is slow in this area but we remain hopeful.


I have just spoken with Mike Stephens of the Polar Prince and as we speak a corporate potential customer is inspecting the ship for a commercial job so hope to have more on this in the next report.


The reason I have reported this to you now is that, with the new business acquired for the sonar ship, we will be offered her services for the Halifax sonar survey and will get the best rates possible to find RCAF Halifax LW170. We are investing in the Polar Prince with our efforts and hope that you will understand this “method in our Halifax madness”.

We must do whatever it takes to be successful in our specific mission. We ask for your patient trust and support for the Halifax Project.


In other areas of support our Director Chris Charland was at CFB Trenton last month and had a good meeting with the Command Officer and officials of Canadian Forces 424 Squadron based in Trenton. Chris presented to the CO of 424 a special signed print of “INVINCIBLE ITEM” which was taken out of sales sequence, as it was numbered  as 424/500, and given especially to them for their display at Squadron HQ.


We have sold almost 200 of our signed prints of RCAF Halifax LW170 “INVINCIBLE ITEM” and it has been a real collectible print which has helped us raise funds for Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada) efforts. We hope you that have purchased this special print will tell all your friends what a great collectible aviation print our INVINCIBLE ITEM has become.


Meanwhile, “back at the ranch”, our partners of the Halifax Project and base of operations of all our efforts is Canada’s Bomber Command Memorial – The Nanton Lancaster Society Air Museum are planning another fine years of events in 2010. We had a great year in 2009 as I had told you about in my report No.30.


Further to this, the Nanton Museum has uploaded a report and video on the special visit of Senator Anne Cools at our 2009 Memorial event where the towns of Senantes, France and Nanton were officially twinned. The video (which you can load and view at Nanton’s website www.lancastermuseum.ca – scroll down the page halfway) is a touching and wonderful piece produced by our own director James Blondeau. It is one of his best video shows and does Nanton proud as the people’s choice as Canada’s Bomber Command Memorial. I urge you to have a look at this poignant video short story of how we at Nanton remember our Bomber Command heroes.


2010 promises to be another great year of events at the Nanton Museum as the Lanc engine runs will be done 6 times next year as highlights of special events from May to Sept. of 2010. Please set aside some time when planning vacations and trips to come to Nanton next summer and you will not be disappointed in what you see at the “biggest little town in Alberta”.


I must tell you about the new plans for the BOMBER COMMAND MEMORIAL to be set up in London, England hopefully in 2011. The Nanton Museum and Halifax 57 Rescue directors are officially supporting this great project to erect a memorial to the 55,000 aircrew killed-in-action (including 10,000 Candians) in Bomber Command in World War II. I have personally seen the plans and talked with the officials at Bomber Command Association along with the architect. It will be a stunning memorial and fitting tribute to all those who sacrificed in Bomber Command.


We are hopeful that there will be very special contribution to this UK Memorial as the Nanton Museum has actual aluminium (sp) ingots from RCAF Halifax LW682 in store that were the final product of a Halifax recovery in 1997 from a swamp in Belgium to find our  3 missing airmen. Yours truly was the Project Manager for this recovery and it was one of the most moving things I have ever done to help find and bury with honour these missing airmen.


To think now, after all these years, that the essence of these men and their Canadian Halifax in the form of these special ingots, could become a part of this great British Bomber Command Memorial is very special to me and I hope to all of you. These ingots’

Incorporation will be truly a great symbolic contribution to such a wonderful memorial.

More on this amazing development as the British Bomber Command Memorial develops and comes to fruition in 2011.


In closing let me say that we have not been idle and will never be idle in this cause to bring Halifax LW170 home to Canada. And if you stand at the Remembrance Day ceremonies this year, wherever you are, and ask yourself “what can I do to show my appreciation for the Freedom and peace that myself and my family have, that came from the sacrifice of these warriors?” then you come to us at Nanton and in this Halifax Project!


We have miles to go before we sleep and you can join us on this journey of Remembrance if you want to.


LW170 is out there and she waits for us.




Keep your eyes on the target.




Karl Kjarsgaard

Project Manager

Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada)

Registered Charity :  84586 5740 RR 0001


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