Halifax Rescue 57 Canada is focused on the retrieval of the Halifax aircraft and the stories and memerabilia so we may share this with the world
This is a Pin worn by an Royal Canadadian air force piolet.  Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada)
Donate, and Hep us retrieve these great war machine that helped us end World War II.

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Halifax 57 Rescue (Canada) is dedicated to preserving the Halifax and its international heritage and is actively raising the financial support, through corporate and public sponsorship, to find and recover Halifax LW170.


Halifax Rescue is dedicated to brining to the public a story. This story tells of the triumph and valor of the crew(s) of the Handley Page Halifax LW170 Bomber. We have discovered the approximate location of this great War machine that helped fight the tyranny of WW2.

This Aircraft went down after the war and was doing meteorological runs when it sprang a leak in it's fuel tanks, they had to put her down at sea. When they crashed the crashed in tack and the crew was picked up safely.


We have a great opportunity to bring this medal of honor back to life and restore it so we may tell all the great stories that this Aircraft has to tell.

 Phase one Completed   Check out the Video!

Progress Report 54 Now Available!

The Handley Page Halifax LW170 putting down off the coast of ireland, intact and we are looking for support to retrive this Historic Aircraft.